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boxing kitten

Grampa is ok. He went home yesterday, and my parents said he was talking and eating and he's alight. It was a mini stroke.

I overreacted probably, but I am so emotionally overdrawn that rational is really hard to get to right now.


Happy New Year to you Karin :D

It's a line from another song that just won't leave my head.
I promise I won't use the duct-tape, but you can't be sorry.
It wasn't an overreaction considering how important he is.
I'm trying really hard not be sorry about a lot of things Kai, but i'm afraid duct-tape might be necessary.
given a day or so I'm sure I could find a duct-tape free way around it.
I'm glad he's okay. Don't worry about your reactions, just take care of yourself.
Thank you :)
When it comes to people we love as much as you love your Grampa, there's no such thing as overreacting.
You have a very good point there Andrea - thank you.
Time will heal your Gramps, as it will you. Here's to a new and a good year :)
Thank you Thomas - I hope 2006 is very good to you.
I am soo happy!

I hope your grandfather recovers quickly.

*HUG* to you Veve - thank you.

Well fuck!

I ignore LJ during my move and this happens!! Send your grandfather(and everyine else) my best.

With your grandafther(or any other family member), it's okay to overreact. It shows how much you care about him.
boxing kitten

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