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boxing kitten

ok - I prolly shouldn't have deleted Moxiebramble - I just tried 3 times to log in to semagic using that name. But it felt like the right thing to do at the time.  I'm not sorry.

This past Thursday, I got out of work a little early, and met Brian at the library. I'd scheduled a mental health/play hooky day for Friday, and I had Saturday and Sunday off, so we were together until this morning. And I still didn't ever imagine it could be this good.

We fit.

On Saturday we drove down to see Grampa.  Grampa's been in the hospital with an infection, and it's weakened him. Grampa is dying, not of anything in particular, but of age.  Right now, Grampa is too weak to be at home, so he's in a home, with the idea that he'll do some therapy and get strong enough to go home.

but he's angry, and terrified that he'll never ever get to go home, and he's been taking it out on Dad, and the nurses, and just seriously NOT being Grampa. If you saw The Soprano's last night, you know what I'm talking about. It's just lucky that Grampa doesn't have access to a gun. (I'm kidding, sorta)

Here's the thing though, Brian is so affable, so amenable, and just so wonderful, that the visit went very well. It helped a lot that Grampa was in a good mood, and perhaps I am one of the last people he'd take anything out on.  The Home is a nice place as far as those places go, not too hospital-y, nice colors, and the staff seemed friendly.

We were able to take him out to Seward's, packing a wheelchair in the back of my car. It was a good visit overall. Grampa couldn't stop telling Brian how marvelous my dad is, I think out of some sort of knowledge of how tough he's been lately, and he also told him his nickname for me when I was wee.

It meant a lot for Brian to meet Grampa. A blessing of sorts.

I am very very lucky.


You are very lucky. Not that you don't deserve your happiness, not at all, it's just that those chances seem so stacked against every last one of us. And as long as you know that, I have a feeling that everything's gonna work out for you fine.
Are some people more lucky than others or are some people just better at perceiving the luck?

Thank you Jay. :)
Welcome back!!

We missed you.
thank you Matthew!
I haven't really been gone, but I have an extremely maddening internet connection, and stuff. :P
It's great to hear that things are going well for you. I'm really sorry about your grandfather, but I'm also glad that he's got a supportive family to be with him through all of this.

I want to hear more about this Brian character. He better be good to you - there are a lot of people out there who care about you, you know!
Thank you Ari!

I know I have NOT had the best judgement in the past, but Brian really is spectacular, and I have witnesses!


I never had a chance to get close to my grandfather because I grew up in Washington and he and my grandmother lived in Alaska, but when he came down to Seattle for his treatments (he had prostate cancer) he got to spend time with me and Mom and Hans and Yvonna and Hans's kids in November, and it was amazing. He was kind of crotchety but very loving at his core, which is exactly how I always imagined him. Mom was so happy because she never got to spend much time with him either, as she attended an all-Deaf school in Washington as a young girl. He told her that she was so beautiful and that she was his favorite of all the twelve kids-- in front of several of the others!-- and she was overjoyed. Grandpa was in Seattle throughout Thanksgiving, and we got to spend that special holiday with him shortly before he passed. It's something I'll always remember.

I'm glad that your grandfather has people like you around to care for him.

Also, hello again. I've been searching for your new journal forever! I must have missed the switchover, BeckyDecky.
boxing kitten

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