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boxing kitten

Baked Alaska

I am really antsy - it's too late to go out, and I spent all day inside.

I'm now doing the quarterly newsletter for Rock Point School, which is great. However it means that on the weekends I have "homework", which feels both good and terrible. I'm starting with another designer's file. Working with someone else's file is like trying to make a baked Alaska in a stranger's kitchen. It's extra cash though, and good for my resume whenever I might to write that again.

I'm trying to talk myself into a good mood here.

Yesterday was a Marin day. We took her on a roadtrip along with my Dad and my aunt Sara to a museum in Stowe. They're having an exhibition of the work of Vermont cartoonists of whom there are a surprising number. Marin is an excellent museum goer, especially for an 8 year old. I can't wait to blow her mind with the Museum of Science in Boston, and the Fine Arts Museum in Montreal.

What's amazing and humbling is to see Dad get to be a Grampa to her. He's great, ready for any question, ready to be silly, and ready to keep her in line. Somehow he manages to be right at her level without being condescending in any way. I get to re-experience what my childhood was like in some ways, and it reminds me just how damned lucky I am.

When Brian and I finally have our own place (cross your fingers) there won't be Marin days anymore - it'll be Marin weekends. I look forward to that so much. I want to make sure she knows she has a place with us. She often leaves something important behind - homework or a hat, and I think it's a way of making sure she'll see us again. I just hope I can be as good a third parent to her as my parents were to me. (I keep looking at the bookstore for advice on becoming a step-parent but there's nothing - isn't that strange?)


no books on that shit- there is a help book for anything these days (i know b/c i have jumped on the self-help bandwagon). crazy. i can totally see your dad as grandpa of the year- he is probably enjoying it so much. i can't wait til you and brian have a cute little pooper of your own!

hotstuff and the monkey

You are going to make the best step-mom ever. don't worry about it! You're already the greatest love, companion, and GW pal :) As soon as we get our place, (and we ought to start looking. maybe tomorrow) we'll get the fast stuff.. ohh yeah baby!

kisses and quit worrying.. but not about everything. I'm not a worryer.. SOMEone has to do it!

boxing kitten

July 2007

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