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boxing kitten

Pod Cats!

Did you know that you if you have itunes, you can subscribe to all kinds of free pod casts? Like This American Life caliber of podcasts? It’s possible that I am coming to podcasts late, but it’s like itunes is my Christmas stocking and everyday some magical fairy puts new treats in there. All of the fun NPR stories, awesome BBC shows, and lotsa languages.

I listen to them at work when Martha's not here, and sometimes on the bus on the way home. It's like a smorgasbord in my ears!

(Brian, not an Apple fan, would point out here that one does not need itunes to get most or all of these wonderful things, but then I would point out that itunes makes it awfully easy, and you just need the player on your comp - you don't need to have a shuffle or a whatchamagiggity)

I swear, This American Life is my new religion. Laughing, crying, and generally rejoicing that life exists, it’s got it all. Especially the laughing part.

In other news, my favorite sign of last week will never see the light of day. Why? Well, because someone either was or might be offended that the new bathroom was for women only, so now it’s become a unisex bathroom. I’m old-fashioned, and while I was fan of Allie McBeal for a time, I won’t be using it without locking the door. I wasn’t really geeked about hearing anyone else pee anyway, so it’s all good. Except really silly, and now the world has been deprived of a fun sign.

In other other news, we are closer than ever to moving the heck out of the attic.


Thanks for bringing up podcasts. I recently acquired an mp3 device of my own. I must remember to tap into the podcasts.

Sorry to hear the sign won't go up.

Congrats on the (soon) new place! Will you be posting pictures (please please please)?

Speaking of housing, does the co-op still have the housing binder? Are there sublets listed? I'm trying to get a sense of what it would cost to live in Burlington or Montpelier for the summer before I meet with the guy about the possibility of summer work.
Do remember! It's so worth it - who knows, maybe there's a Lush podcast out there somewhere!

I will totally take and show lots and lots of photos. Hand to Dog.

I already made a discreet inquiry on your behalf about possibly living at the school but no go. :( I'll check and see if there is still a book and if there's anything worthwhile. Seven Days may be your best bet.
Woot for pictures!

for podcasts, I'm very excited about Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. I also downloaded the VPR symposium on schools, so hurray for portable listening.

You and your discreet inquiry are very much appreciated. You're so sweet. I'll keep an eye on the SevenDays ads. Thanks.
it's the best part of itunes!

check out some of the crazy talk-radio stuff under "religion" and "metaphysics" and "sex" etc...in particular "this mormon life"
It totally IS! I feel like I need to spread the word of free podcasts.

ooooh man! This mormon life? Maybe I can finally learn about their special rapture undies.
if all episodes of this mormon life are like the one i listened to, they are all hilariously awkward.

is that you in your icon? cute! and how have you been doing? you do know who this random person who added you is and such, right?
That is me, looking a lot like a seventies stock photo. :P

All kinds of ups and downs for me, but mostly, steadily up.
And Alex, as soon as I saw the name, and thought "oh MAN, what a cool name, why didn't I think of that?" I knew it was you. I was so relieved, I'd been wondering how you were.
Hey, Becky! I didn't know you were living in an attic! I do hope you get out of there soon. And what's with the co-op being all PC? Doesn't everyone know that girls take longer in the bathroom, so it makes more sense for them to have more stalls? You should write a comment at the CS desk saying that the level of PC-ness at the co-op really offends me, and I wish they would get real. I guess that doesn't make much sense, though... unisex multi-stall bathrooms are so liberal New England college dorm!
boxing kitten

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